Signs of Poor Hygiene in a Waxing Hair Removal Room

The first impression when a client comes to the spa is very important as it will determine any future engagements you will have with the client. Waxing hair removal is a delicate affair which could result in severe reactions or even infections if carried out in an unhygienic condition.

A client will book an appointment before the actual waxing so that he can gauge the hygiene standards of the spa and this will determine if he will go on with the hair removal or he will cancel the appointment and look for a spa that is more hygienic. Below are signs that the hygiene standards in the spa are wanting:

  • Failure to clean the wax hair removal area after a client leaves: Every client will want to get into a wax hair removal room that has everything in order. If a client walks in and finds used spatulas lying around, strips that had been used on the previous client, or even spillage of wax on the wax eater, he may not want to have the process done in such a condition.

You should have an allowance to clean up the room after every client leaves and make the room organized before the next client walks in. Remove any dirty towel from the room and every other item that has already been used so that when a client walks in, he will know that you are ready for him.

  • Leaving the wax hair removal closet disarranged: Waxing hair removal will involve the use of several items like strips, applicators, sanitizers, hard wax, and soft wax, among others.

Keeping your clients waiting simply because you cannot find a particular item during a waxing hair removal is unprofessional and such a customer might not want to have you work on her again. A professional waxing hair removal spa should be organized in such a way that you will be able to know where a particular item is before the application.

  • Failure to sanitize the waxing hair removal instruments: Some items such as tweezers, spatulas, and metallic wax applicators will require sterilization before being used on the next client. A client will not be impressed if you collect a metallic applicator that had already been used on another client and uses it on her.
  • Neglecting personal hygiene: An aesthetician who specializes in waxing hair removal will work closely with the client and if he has not taken care of his personal hygiene, it will not be very comfortable for the client. If he is untidy, the client will conclude that everything else about the spa is dirty and they may not want to be associated with the spa in their waxing hair removal for fear of infections.

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects when it comes to waxing hair removal. You may not be an expert but if you will be able to show your customers that you know what it takes to be a professional aesthetician by maintaining high hygiene standards, they will trust you. The image of your spa will either build you or be the cause of your downfall.

Precautions When Massaging HIV Positive Clients

During a massage, the massage therapist will be intimately connected with the client he is massaging and this exposes him to many risks. One of these risks is working with an HIV infected client knowing too well that the disease can be easily transmitted from the client to him if there are open sores on the part of the body that is being massaged.

It will be impossible to know which of your clients is infected with HIV since no one will come to you and outrightly say that he is HIV positive. However, one would be able to tell if something is wrong with a client if you notice that he keeps getting ill every so often.

The following are the precautions that should be taken to prevent the spread of HIV virus among clients who come for massage therapy and to also keep you safe from getting the infection:

  • Do not massage the part of the body that have open wounds or where there is bleeding. You should ensure that the wound is covered during the massage so that nobody fluid will be able to ooze from the wound.
  • Ensure that you will not carry out a massage if you have an open wound as the HIV germs can easily get into your body through the open wound. If you must carry on with the massage, ensure that the wound is covered and you also have latex examination gloves on during the massage.
  • Ensure that the linings that any client uses during the massage have been changed before having another client on the massage table. The linings should be disinfected so that every foreign body will be gotten rid of before they can be used on another client.
  • If you are suffering from a health complication, do not carry on with the massage as the immune system is not strong enough to fight off any infection that may come your way. You can either choose another massage therapist to help you out with the massage or reschedule the massage if the client only wants to work with you.

There are clients who will let you know of their HIV status before the massage. This should not be a reason to deny them the massage as they also deserve to have their needs attended to at your spa. If you turn down such a client, it may ruin your reputation as anyone who hears of your stigmatization will speak ill of your spa.

Unless there are severe sores on the client’s body that would make it difficult to work on her, the massage therapy should go on. You will only need to have the right protective gears like gloves so that you do not accidentally transfer body fluids from the client to your body.

There should be a high standard of hygiene when dealing with an HIV infected client as their immune system is very low.  This will prevent them from contracting other infections as this will only make their health condition worse.

You should also ensure that every other massage therapist in your spa is aware of the right way to handle an HIV infected client so that you do not put your reputation on the line.

Brightening Facial

Brightening Facial

A brightening facial is aimed at enlivening the skin and offer a deep cleansing as well. A person who will undergo a brightening facial should not have any serious facial concern; her only need will be to look a little brighter especially when a special occasion is oncoming.

A person who has a dull complexion will have a new look that will be having an even tone as any excess oils, impurities, and any other foreign impurity on the skin will be removed. The antioxidants that will be used in the facial will also help in strengthening the defense mechanism of the facial skin and also offer protection against premature aging of the skin.

Some of the factors that make the facial skin look dull and lose its original glow are:

  • Aging: As a person ages, the skin will lose its youthful glow and have a dull and tired look.
  • Hormonal changes
  • Fatigue: At times, we get carried away with the responsibilities of life that life takes a toll on us making the face look dull.
  • Stress
  • A sickness that will last more than seven days
  • Very high or cold temperatures
  • Extreme exposure to sunlight
  • Poor eating habits
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol

The following are the benefits of a Brightening facial

  • The facial skin will be more radiant and luminous
  • There will be an intense hydration of the skin
  • It will aid in a deeper cleansing and detoxification of the facial skin.
  • The appearance of hyperpigmentation and dullness on the facial skin will be greatly reduced.
  • The facial skin will be softer and smoother when touched.
  • All the signs of premature aging like fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished leaving the skin looking young and rejuvenated.
  • It will in evening out of the skin tone and also reduces the appearance of sunburns.

A brightening facial will also have all the benefits of an ordinary facial like the improved circulation of blood and oxygen, helping in the removal of toxins from the skin, and help in the regeneration of the damaged tissues.

With each day that passes, the facial skin will begin losing its natural glow and instead, the face will look dull and tired. This is because of the increased accumulation of dead skin that makes the face to look flat.

A brightening facial should be carried out regularly to ensure that the dead skin will not accumulate. Those who have plans of attending a special occasion like a wedding should ensure that the brightening facial is carried out early enough so that the skin will have regained its beauty before the big day. It will also give time for the skin to recover from any negative reaction that could have occurred as a result of the facial treatment.

Always ensure that the brightening facial is carried out at a professional spa where the right products will be used. Though the price will be higher in such a spa, the results will be worth every coin you will have spent. Check us out at